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Telling the story.

Telling stories is part of our human DNA developed by our ancient ancestors when the tribe would sit around the fire telling tales of their human experience. We still do the same today but in more complex settings. Although we are all capable of telling a story, it’s pretty challenging to do it well. Telling your story the way you want it is even more difficult. We don’t always control our narrative, especially in today’s fast-paced, click-bait era of communication. The press, social media, and the internet can take hold of events, perspectives, conversations and run wild, filling in gaps or misconceptions with their own storytelling or agenda. Nevertheless, there are strategies and tools to control, manage and promote your rhetoric, communication, narratives, and discourse that benefit you.

If you’re on my website, you need someone to help with this. You probably have an in-house team that’s really good at what they do, but a hybrid comms player like myself will come in handy. This lets the marketing people do marketing, the content people do content, the operation people do, well you get it. I’m the team player who worries about the story in the public domain and how it’s interrupted, whether through public relations, earned media, or spokesperson work. I can be your campfire storyteller.

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